We have at our disposal more than 50 workersа

Designing department

Our team works with a CAD/CAM system. We offer preparation of modules from drawings, making patterns and grading. There are conditions for making and sending markers. There is also an option to make one piece models, samples.

Cutting division

Our division has a cutting table which is 9 m long and 3 people are engaged with the work in this department.

Sewing department

The work in the sewing department is done into two different production places. The first is in the main building with about 30 sewing workers. The second is 40 km away from the town, where we do only sewing. Each one of them is equipped with high capacity automatic sewing machines of premium quality produced by the company JUKI

We also have at our disposal an automatic device for shaping the pocket welts

High qualified specialists with many years experience work in the technological division.

Finishing procedures

Our company has also an Ironing department, Quality control and Packing and Storage.

The quality control is one of the most important unit in the sewing department. Our stuff also provides an intermediate and final quality controls which are very important.